As the sole survivor of a plane crash that left her orphaned and injured, Tavia Michaels spends a lot of time in therapy. So when she starts seeing things nobody else can, it’s easy to blame the road to recovery.

Unfortunately for Tavia--and soon, the rest of the world--her troubles have barely begun...

Book one of the Earthbound trilogy.

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"[A] riveting page-turner.... With carefully crafted characters and plot, readers will be unable to sort the good guys from the bad. Sure to satisfy romantics, mystery fans, fantasy aficionados, and thrill seekers alike."


"Pike's . . . solid writing, particularly in her descriptions, will have readers hooked. Tavia's low-tech revelation via ChapStick works better than any superbattle to convey what's at stake in her life and choices."

--Publisher's Weekly

"[A] promising start to a new series that offers history, romance, and action."


"The premise of Earthbound is enough to give even the most jaded of readers the shivers."

--Romantic Times