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Miley Cyrus, Disney, Temple Hill, and Wings

In the summer of 2007, my wife wrote a book. It was a good book! I enjoyed it. I had a notion that it would get published. I even made some predictions to that effect.

Apparently I was thinking too small. Remind me never to underestimate my wife.

The film rights to Wings have been optioned by Disney (yeah, that Disney). Attached to produce are none other than Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey of Temple Hill Entertainment. Attached to star? The inimitable Miley Cyrus, with Tish Cyrus attached as an executive producer.

So now you know.

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Deleted Scene: The Original Opening

So I've been promising to post this for a while: the scene where Wings originally started. It may constitute a very minor spoiler if you haven't read the book, but as this was the original beginning you're probably okay.

Honestly, I had a hard time letting go of this beginning. I enjoyed jumping right into something strange and mysterious! I mulled it over for a long time. (Like WEEKS, seriously!) But in the end, I decided that my editor was right to cut it.

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A #1 New York Times Best-Selling Debut

In its first week of sales, Wings hit #6 on the New York Times Best Sellers List for Children's Chapter Books. And, as if a best-selling debut wasn't already quite an accomplishment, it's second week out Wings took the #1 spot.

This is a huge accomplishment for Aprilynne, as well as a glowing reflection on the many, many people who worked to make this book a success. Of course there are those she mentions in her acknowledgments in Wings--but now there are also thousands of readers like you, who each contributed to this awesome achievement by believing in Aprilynne and giving her story a chance to be told.

So thanks, everyone. As soon as her feet touch the ground, I'll have Aprilynne post something here as well. d^_^b

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The Debut

Though it has been trickling out at a few locations over the past couple days, you should be able to find Wings everywhere as of now! Aprilynne left this afternoon to start her tour; first stop, Tempe, Arizona. Check her calendar for a signing near you. And if there isn't one near you, gather up the biggest crowd you can find and go buy her book. Then maybe there will be a signing near you next time she goes out on tour!

On a more personal note, this release marks the culmination of something Aprilynne has been working toward for several years. She makes it look easy, but I assure you that she has worked very hard for this. Aprilynne is a remarkable woman and I'm honored (and, from time to time, stunned) that she lets me be a part of her faerie-tale life.

So go read Wings and enjoy a small sample of how awesome she really is. d^_^b

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