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Reddit AMA

If you've never heard of Reddit, it's sort of the Portabello Road of the Web. I love it and have to stay away from it when I want to get any work done. It seems like you can get anything there! News, pictures of cats, funny comics, pictures of cats, life advice, pictures of cats, free pizza... did I mention the cats?

Oh--and me! I'm there!

To celebrate the release of Life After Theft, I will be posting a Q&A session (Reddit calls them "AMA" or "Ask Me Anything") on Tuesday, April 30th at 8:00am Arizona Time (that's 11:00am Eastern Time). This news post is also the proof I'm sending to the moderators that it's really me. Stop on by and ask me whatever you like! I assume people will ask about the publishing industry, ebooks, writing commercial fiction, other authors I know, and maybe even specific things about my books or my career. I will of course answer those questions, but I'm always excited to see what new questions get asked by new crowds.

I will even post a link to the AMA here, once it exists. :)

EDIT: Here's the link!

Deleted Scene: A Conversation With Callista

Hello! It's me. I promise I'm still alive. :)

First: I need to publicly thank you all one more time for making the Wings series such an incredible success. Thank you for reading.

And, I owe you all an apology... I have been meaning to post this for weeks. Weeks! It has just been so busy. If you hadn't heard, I've got two books and a short story coming out next year--Earthbound (the first in a new series), a stand-alone ghost story called Life After Theft, and a short post-apocalyptic story called Nature in Saundra Mitchell's Defy the Dark anthology! So in between tour stops, I have been doing a lot of writing. :)

Anyway, here is the deleted scene for Destined. It is actually a scene you've kind of seen before... except this time it is all from Shar's point-of-view, and some of the details were changed in the editing process as well (for example, Laurel never sees what Yuki does with the roses).

Warning: mega spoilers for anyone who hasn't finished all four books!

Deleted Scene: Hanging Out

The following scene takes place in Illusions shortly after Klea introduces Yuki at Laurel's house. As always with these deleted scenes: potential spoilers follow!

Starting Fresh

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this--it is the last little "prequel" I wrote for Illusions. This one was bonus Nook material for Barnes & Noble while electronic copies of Wings were being given away free in their stores. The story takes place from a new point-of-view... one I guarantee you've never seen before. :)

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