Deleted Scene: A Conversation With Callista

Hello! It's me. I promise I'm still alive. :)

First: I need to publicly thank you all one more time for making the Wings series such an incredible success. Thank you for reading.

And, I owe you all an apology... I have been meaning to post this for weeks. Weeks! It has just been so busy. If you hadn't heard, I've got two books and a short story coming out next year--Earthbound (the first in a new series), a stand-alone ghost story called Life After Theft, and a short post-apocalyptic story called Nature in Saundra Mitchell's Defy the Dark anthology! So in between tour stops, I have been doing a lot of writing. :)

Anyway, here is the deleted scene for Destined. It is actually a scene you've kind of seen before... except this time it is all from Shar's point-of-view, and some of the details were changed in the editing process as well (for example, Laurel never sees what Yuki does with the roses).

Warning: mega spoilers for anyone who hasn't finished all four books!

Deleted Scene: Hanging Out

The following scene takes place in Illusions shortly after Klea introduces Yuki at Laurel's house. As always with these deleted scenes: potential spoilers follow!

Starting Fresh

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this--it is the last little "prequel" I wrote for Illusions. This one was bonus Nook material for Barnes & Noble while electronic copies of Wings were being given away free in their stores. The story takes place from a new point-of-view... one I guarantee you've never seen before. :)


Thus ends tour season! The launch of Illusions was a great success (New York Times best-selling series, woo!), I traveled to many wonderful places, met tons of fabulous fans, and got myself downright exhausted!

Just in time to get back to work on Book 4. :)

But while you're waiting for the conclusion of Laurel's story, please enjoy this short story from Tamani's point-of-view. As the winners of the Wings read-along challenge in May, the Mundie Moms got to publish the story as a blog exclusive. But it's June now, so, in case you missed it: here it is!

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